Dynamic Show!

Highly Interactive!

he was


so hard …

I thought he would fall out of his chair. I have never seen our President laugh. – Olga Clark York University


  Why Everyone should   

  learn a magic trick



Merlin is Wow!

 Magic is being studied at several universities for its applications in Artificial Intelligence.

 It illustrates how to solve problems creatively using traditional logic and lateral thinking.

Magic is a terrific ice breaker for sales people and in social situations. It is a great tool for building confidence in public speaking and presentations. 

 Magic teaches the basic structure of storytelling in live performance. These are just a few of the reasons why everyone should learn a magic trick. Plus it’s Fun!

Part Comic! Part Magician!

Merlin is an entertainer who is remembered for years.


Everyone has been talking about the event as a 100% success! – Sharmi Joshi Winnet Systems Inc.




I didn’t think you could truly amaze me, make me laugh and touch my heart. Absolutely the best magic show I have ever seen. You took me on a journey and somehow made it personal to me. – Elissa Hollenburg

Hard boiled business guys

were putty in your hands.” – AARO


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